We have two bits of news concerning Brutal Rice Productions’ newest film, the short zombie film “Environmental Pressures and Species Adaptation” (자연선택설).

1. The trailer is now live on Youtube! Here it is!

Watch it, share the link, and let us know what you think! If you want to learn more about the project, we have a page full of goodies here.

2. “Environmental Pressures and Species Adaptation” (자연선택설) is an official selection for Portland’s annual horror movie festival Zompire, happening in Portland in early October. (It was, flatteringly, the first among those mentioned in a recent post films that were chosen as early selections, which made our day.)

If you’re in Portland, Zompire’s a great festival, and it’s the second time they’re showing a Brutal Rice picture. You should check it out!

That’s it for now. We’ll have more news soon, so stay tuned!

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