Well, okay, it’s not really a “law” but Brutal Rice Productions is celebrating the completion of our long-awaited short film Daerijeon by releasing everything on Youtube. Of course, everything is three films, so Jihyun Park decided to go with a thirty-day release schedule:

  • 10 July 2015: “The Music of Jo Hyeja”
  • 20 July 2015: “Environmental Pressures and Species Adaptation”
  • 30 July 2015: Daerijeon: The Proxy War

The Music of Jo Hyeja is already live. You can see it and read more about the film here. 

Stay tuned for the rest, and for more, including hopefully a download of the score-music of “The Music of Jo Hyeja” and “Daerijeon: The Great Proxy War” in the near future!

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