Brutal Rice’s films have been busy lately! “The Music of Jo Hyeja” has recently screened at NecronomiCon 2013 in Rhode Island, where we hear it got a very positive reception…


… and will be showing in the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival “Best Shorts” screening in Portland soon (alongside the classic HPL film Reanimator!)…

… as well as in a soon-to-be-announced major festival in Latin America. (More about that latter festival when the news is public!)

However, the big news for today involves “Environmental Pressures & Natural Selection,” also a busy little film these days!

Earlier this month “Environmental Pressures” got its American premiere at the Zompire Film Festival, also in Portland, and to our delight a few moments ago we learned that it won the Abby Normal Award for Innovation:

Yes, that’s right:

That’s wonderful news, and we’re extremely happy!

(And, ha, great award name.)

For those in the Buffalo area, “Environmental Pressures & Natural Selection” will also be screening at the upcoming Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival later this year!

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