Over the last few days of November 2012 (and the first day of December), we shot (nearly) everything that went into our adaptation of the Korean SF author Djuna’s famous gonzo-SF novella “Proxy War.” (See the original text in English, or in Korean. If you can read Korean, there’s also an expanded edition here, and plenty more of Djuna’s work is available too.)

A political satire/neo-pulp action story dealing with post-colonial identity, sexuality, trauma, memory, deception, and the Technological Singularity (sort of),  Djuna’s “Proxy War” describes a bizarre alien invasion by hostile interstellar intelligences posing as alien sex tourists; the invasion begins in Bucheon, a slum perched on the edge of Seoul, South Korea. In “The Proxy War,” one woman, sorely unprepared for her fate, stands between humankind and extinction.

In adapting the story for the screen, we worked hard to preserve its comedic and philosophical elements, while adding new layers of questions and ideas from a fresh perspective, as well as bringing together inspiration from Chris Marker’s La Jetée and Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner.)

“The Proxy War” is live on Youtube now. Below are the downloadable soundtrack, and galleries of screenshots and pictures from behind the scenes. Please spread the word, and if you enjoyed the film, check out our other work!


Our soundtrack is free for download (but not for reuse in other media projects), and includes the full music/soundscape soundtrack, plus one discarded track. (It was an alternate candidate for the closing credits.) If you post it anywhere, please be sure to include a link back to the file on our Soundcloud page.



And a video from the set:


We used a number of public domain/Creative Commons materials and resources in the making of this film. In the next day or two, we’ll include a list of them all, just to give you an idea how many there were, and how helpful they were in getting the project made!


Back during the production, someone from the Korean SF webzine Fantastique showed up to interview the director. This piece was the result. (Korean-language only.)

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